The Aftercare Program offers full time child care for working parents.  It provides loosely structured, creative, recreational activities that allow your child to be a kid, to have fun, and to be a part of a club-like community.

Safety First

All Afterschool Staff are subjected to thorough background checks. Children in our program are released only to individuals whom parents list as authorized to pick them up.  We maintain a low student to counselor ratio with administrators constantly supervising the groups.

Recreational activities that are stimulating and fun

Children are organized by grade into small groups with two adult counselors per group who engage the children in all of their activities such as:

  • Snack, 
  • Supervised homework time, 
  • Sports & group games, 
  • Arts & crafts, 
  • Free play & relax time, 
  • Playground time, 
  • Board games, 
  • Story time & individual reading, 
  • Five themed festivals per year, and 
  • Special club days.

We make the most of  “down time”

Our Aftercare program recognizes the value of constructive “unprogrammed” time in which children can explore social relationships and actively use their imagination.  We pride ourselves on promoting child-centered, independent play as kids stage their own dance contests, group Lego building projects, plays, and impromptu chess challenges.

Convenient, flexible and affordable child care

Did your babysitter call out sick or do you have an appointment?  Parents have the flexibility to opt in and out of Aftercare as needed from a “Per Day” basis for just a few hours of emergency child care to “Full Time” coverage two, three, four, or five days a week.  Our affordable Aftercare program serves parents the entire school year, beginning on the first day of school in September through the last full day of school in June and can be combined with our popular Enrichment classes.

For registration and information please contact us by phone or email:
(212) 316-9301 or (212) 866-5400 x1201 and x1200
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Please see the side bar on this page for Registration Form which includes pricing and terms & conditions.

PS 75 PTA, Ltd. Afterschool Program 
735 West End Avenue, Room 120, New York, NY 10025

We are available from 8:20am until 6:00pm each school day.