Enrichment Classes

P.S. 75 PTA Afterschool Music Academy

*** Only children who are serious about music should enroll. Students are expected to enroll for

a FULL YEAR of music instruction, practice their instrument and attend ALL sessions.

Guitar workshop with Adam Hart (Grades 2-5)

Don’t you wish you could learn to play guitar?

Put on your music groove! Learn how to make your fingers dance along the fret-board and over the strings! You will learn how to play melodies, and how to strum chords to go along with some of your favorite songs!  It is awesome fun!

A native of Washington Heights, I am thrilled to be coming to The Emily Dickinson School to teach this workshop. I have been playing guitar since I was a teenager, and have been in several rock bands. I also play blues, jazz, and roots rock.  My website has some of my music:

Piano/Keyboard (Grades 2-5) Taught by Frances Niduaza, Program Manager of Kids in the Game. Frances holds a Doctor of Musical Arts (D.M.A.) degree in collaborative piano from the University of Memphis.

The class will be grouped according to skill level, and each student will be assigned a keyboard to practise on and use during lessons. At the end of each term, each student will be equipped with the basic skills of piano (posture, technique, knowledge of the elements of music, music theory and sight-reading). Students will perform during the student recital in the auditorium at PS 75 after completion of the course. Visit for more information about Kids in the Game and the programs offered to schools and students throughout New York City.

Trumpet (Grades 3-5 & alumni students) Taught by Kate Amrine

Learn how to play trumpet in many different styles from classical to jazz and everything in between!  

Kate Armine has been playing for over 10 years and frequently performs in chamber groups, orchestras, big bands, musical theater pits, rock bands, and more. She is excited to come to The Emily Dickinson School to teach brass and have fun making music! Once a week, children receive small group instruction in trumpet or trombone.  Under the supervision of an assistant teacher, homework help and board games are available for students waiting for their music lesson. Learning an instrument is no different than studying for school or practicing a sport; it takes time and practice.

Violin & Cello (Grades 2-5 and alumni students) Taught by Susan Mansell)

Beginning and intermediate group instruction in violin or cello using the Suzuki method. Students will be grouped by level. The young musicians will rehearse as an ensemble for concerts in the spring. Instrument rental fee has been reduced to $50.

Art Classes by Studio In A School (K-2 and 3-5) Taught by professional artists in residence with Studio In A School

Coming to us by virtue of a CASA grant through Gale Brewer, the PS75 PTA Afterschool Program is in partnership with Studio In A School ( to provide a variety of After School arts classes. In each class, students are engaged in an important creative process of self-discovery and expression as they put the materials and skills together to create their own unique masterpieces. They develop artists’ “habit of mind” directly from the professional artists who teach them in small group settings for extended sessions. Each class features a culmination ceremony in which children’s artwork is displayed for parents and children can show their parents how they created their artwork. Previously, several of our students’ works were exhibited at the world renowned Christie’s New York City as part of the Studio In A School’s “Imagine That 2010” art Show.

Ballet Hispanico (Grades K-2) Taught by instructors from NYC’s Ballet Hispanico

Creativity, discipline, and cultural awareness are nurtured in this Ballet Hispanico dance program. Their highly qualified teachers lead children through a fun and active experience uniquely designed for this age range. Students engage in dance activities that develop coordination, control, and creativity while learning key words and phrases in Spanish. For more information about Ballet Hispanico, please visit:

Capoeira An Afro-Brazilian Art Form (2-5) Taught by Professora Lua of Grupo Capoeira Brasil

Capoeira is a form of martial art developed by African slaves in Brazil back in the 1500s. Part martial art, part dance, part gymnastics, Capoeira will engage children in a mesmerizing and exhilarating physical dialogue that is practiced to the sound of percussive instruments, song, and hand clapping. Through movement, rhythm and musicality, students build stamina, flexibility, balance, and coordination. The instructor of this exciting new class, Professora Lua, is a member of the internationally recognized Grupo Capoeira Brasil. She uses playful games, creative exercises, and musical instruments as tools for children to develop their physical and mental abilities while they learn about Brazil’s vast cultural heritage. To learn more about Grupo Capoeira Brasil, please visit their web site:

Cartooning - Drawing Comics and Superheroes(Grades 3-5)Taught by substitute teacher and artist Brad Nixon.

Learn face and figure drawing, proper proportions and varied perspective. Develop backgrounds and use shading. Special lessons will be devoted to drawing famous cartoon characters. Students will publish a group comic book, superhero cards or a poster. Students can take this class more than once. You will not believe the incredible work that your child will produce in this phenomenal class! Materials fee $10.

Ceramics (Grades K-5) Taught by teaching artist Bobbie Beck

Students work in clay, glazing and firing their pieces, and explore a wide variety of other media to create exciting projects. This is the same class that Bobbie teaches at the 92nd Street Y! Pieces completed in this class are displayed in the display case outside of Room 120 prior to being sent home with students. Materials fee $25

Chess (Grades 1-5) Taught by United States National Chess Master, Raul Marquez

Early Bird Chess (K-5) Taught by Ecuador’s National Chess Master, Raul Marquez

For students in grade K through 5 who know the names of all the pieces, how they move, and how to play a game. Learn intermediate and advanced chess skills and strategies from Ecuador’s National Chess Master in preparation for tournament play. All PS75 chess trophies are on display in the display case outside of Room 120. As a chess instructor at both PS 75 and PS 166, Mr. Marquez’ fun and engaging style makes him a great teacher for all children. Taught on Thursdays and Fridays in the morning from 7:30am until 8:10am.

Cooking (Grades K-5) Taught by Anne Grossman

In this class, we will cook and bake healthy vegetarian foods from scratch.  Students will learn about herbs and vegetables and fruits and how to use them to make simple and yummy dishes such as granola yogurt parfaits, burritos, summer rolls, salsas, and caprese bruschetta. Anne Grossman is a culinary instructor, recipe developer, and food stylist.  Food is her passion, and she shares that passion by teaching adults and children how to cook healthy and delicious meals.  She has worked on AOL’s web video series,, teaches challah baking, and recently launched her own business, AnneMade, in which she gives private and group cooking lessons in people’s homes.  Anne took culinary classes at the JCC in Manhattan from 2005-2007.  She graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Goucher College with a B.A. in art and received an M.F.A. in painting from the University of Pennsylvania. With her artistic background, she firmly believes cooking is an art which requires not only proper technique but also creativity, individuality, and beauty. Materials fee $25

Cooking (Grades K-5) Offered by Veggiecation

The Veggiecation© Program is a nutrition education program that introduces young children to the wonderfully delicious and nutritious world of vegetables. This is done by incorporating unique and kid-friendly vegetable preparations into fun activities and exciting experiences. By replacing food fears and resistance with ownership and positive peer pressure, your children are empowered to expand their horizons while simultaneously improving their nutritional status and knowledge.

Students are introduced to a new vegetable each week, are rewarded with an “I Tried It” sticker, and learn to prepare the vegetable in a simple, healthy, and delicious recipe. Students discuss and write about what they made so that they can flex their creative writing and persuasive literacy skills. They also get to vote on how they liked each recipe and they tally the results, creating a wonderful opportunity for a math lesson. Who knew that vegetables, writing, and math could be such a delicious and fun combination!!?? For more information about Veggiecation, please visit their web-site at

Machines & Motors (Grades 3-5) Dazzling Discoveries

Explore the wonders of electricity, motors, sensors, mechanical motion and robotics.  Using a Lego compatible robotics kit, as well as other products and materials, each child will build several mechanical, electrical and robotic creations as well as learn about basic robotics and simple programming. In this class we will be working with an innovative Lego based robotics kit that lets children use their creativity while learning how to design, test and build simple robotic projects. All materials will be supplied for classroom use. NEW PROJECTS EVERY TERM. To learn more about Dazzling Discoveries, visit their web-site at:

Materials fee $15

Double Dutch (Grades 2-5) National Double Dutch League

Double Dutch is a rope skipping exercise played when two ropes are turned in eggbeater fashion. While the ropes are turned, a third person jumps within. Learn how to turn, jump, and do free-style tricks with instructors from the National Double Dutch League – the same group who came to PS 75 this year to showcase their amazing Double Dutch skills! For more information on the National Double Dutch League and their many international awards and accomplishments, please visit their web-site at

Gymnastics (Grades K-1) Taught by Coach Robert Rivera

Stretch like a cat, swing like a monkey, jump like a kangaroo, and you'll be fit the whole year through.

This dynamic introductory level class begins with warm-up games to strengthen and stretch the muscles. Fundamental floor skills follow, including rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. Safe, fun, and challenging, the class gives the kids physical fitness and confidence. Coach Robert Rivera has over 30 years of coaching experience, and is fully certified by U.S.A. Gymnastics, and the Red Cross (for first aid). Clients on the Upper West Side include the prestigious Discovery Programs, Ansche Chesed Synagogue, as well as the Morningside Montessori School. As chance would have it, he is also a P.S. 75 Alumnus

Homework Help & Spanish Homework Help (Grades 2-5)

Quiet time for homework under the guidance of an experienced PS 75 teacher. Children will enhance their word skills and vocabulary in a fun way. Dual Language homework help is available.

Ice Skating Lessons (Grades 3-5)Under the supervision our PS 75 sports expert Reggie Alexander

Students will receive group lessons from Lasker Rink skate instructors in the basic skills of ice-skating. This is a lifetime sport best learned when young. Children will travel by train to Lasker Rink with Reggie. There will be approximately 15 minutes of warm-up and practice before the lesson, which runs from 4:15-4:45pm. Skate rental included. To learn more about the Lasker Rink facility, please visit: Separate consent form required – obtain from Room 120. Children will return to PS 75 by 5:30pm

Modern Dance (K-1 and 3-5) Taught by Judy Lasko, experienced public school teacher of dance and music.

Children will experience a broad foundation of dance technique and theory, composition, choreography, musicality, and performance skills. After snack, children are escorted to Symphony Space, located at Broadway & 95th Street, where they will have 45 minutes of class with beloved instructor Judy Lasko. Please visit for more information about Judy Lasko and her Modern Dance classes. Separate consent form required – obtain from Room 120.

Soccer (Grades K-5) Offered by New York Fusion Soccer Club

New York Fusion Soccer Club seeks to provide a premier professional soccer environment for youth in New York City. In the PS 75 Afterschool Program, we invite students from all grades and all levels to come train with us. Through technical & tactical play, we prepare students to play and compete at a higher level. Our club develops players to their fullest potential by implementing a “Fusion Futbol” philosophy that blends Brazilian skills with the concepts of “total futbol” (used by FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team) which involves short passing and movement, working the ball through various channels, and maintaining possession. Please visit for more information about New York Fusion Soccer Club.

Super Science (Grades 1-2) Dazzling Discoveries

Uncover the science of wild weather, science magic, chemical reactions and simple explosions, gems and minerals, fossils, speed and impact, air pressure, and many other exciting topics with Dazzling Discoveries' hand-on science program. Through experiments, demonstrations and activities, we will explore scientific principles of the world around us. Each week children conduct tests and design and create “make and take” projects that incorporate the science theme of the day. At the end of each class, students receive a fact sheet so that they can continue their explorations at home. NEW PROJECTS EVERY TERM. To learn more about Dazzling Discoveries, visit their web-site at:


Materials fee $25

Swimming (Grades K-5) Taught by aquatics instructors at the Harlem YMCA at 135th Street

Take the plunge! Travel to the world famous Harlem YMCA (Ralph Ellison waited tables there, Paul Robeson was discovered on its stage, and Jackie Robinson coached basketball in the gym) at 135th Street for swimming lessons taught by aquatics instructors in their immaculate, full size indoor pool, 20 yards by 20 feet, 4 lanes, kept year-round at a cozy warm 83°F (28°C). For more information, please visit their web-site at

Dismissal at 5:30pm

Tennis at PS 75 (Grades K-5) Taught by Juan Andrade from Tennis Innovators

In this class, which takes place in the PS75 gym, students will gain basic skills in tennis while having a wonderful time. Coach Reggie and Coach Juan will work together to develop students’ skills with the goal of preparing them for tennis tournament play. A note about Tennis Innovators: The mission of Tennis Innovators is to deliver a passion and commitment for tennis and continuously develop and conduct the highest level programs for adults and children. A high quality program revolves not only around hitting tennis balls but the connection and energy created by the instructor; this is a major key to our success. Each lesson is given with energy, charisma, and highly trained instructors.  For more information about Tennis Innovators, visit their web-site at Students can take this class many times to build their tennis skills. Nets, rackets and balls all provided.

The Peaceful Warrior (Grades K-1)

Instructor: Thom Schuchaskie (Survival Skills instructor, 2nd Kyu Aikido, Purple belt at Renzo Gracie Academy)

A Mixed Martial Arts class that will teach discipline, discuss bullying, and how to handle conflict through non-violent pathways.  Students will learn to become more IN tune with their surroundings, avoid conflict before it can happen, escape in the event that conflict does happen, and if all else fails, DEFEND themselves with strikes and blows from Mixed Martial Art forms including Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate, and Kali!

Urban Kid Adventurers (Grades 1-5) Taught by Thom Schuchaskie and Juan Benitez

Urban Kid Adventurers is designed with one goal in mind: to introduce kids to the wonders of nature. Children will explore the parks identifying trees, flowers, birds, and aquatic life. The children will document their discoveries with digital cameras, sketchpads, and notebooks. We will play fun educational games, hike, learn to tie knots, and go fishing in the lakes and ponds in the parks

To learn more about Urban Kid Adventurers, Thom Schuchaskie, please visit: Two consent forms are required – obtain from Room 120. Students without consent forms will not be permitted to participate in this class.