Programs Supported by the PTA

PTA fundraising supports many programs that enhance your child's eduction and that make PS75 a truly well-round educational experience.   The following are the in-class programs conducted by non-profit organizations or individuals. All are supported by PTA funds.

Visual Arts:  Visual arts are a vital part of PS75 and are presented as an integral part of the student’s core curriculum.  Every student receives art instruction every week.  Two teachers, who both work part-time, lead our art program.  Our DOE supported art instructor, teaches K, 1, and 5th grade while the remaining classes are taught by our resident teaching artist, who is part of PS75's collaboration with the non-profit Studio in a School.   Studio in a School is the largest program that the PTA helps to fund.  More information on our art program is found here (link to Studio page) and here.

Music:  All students from K-3 receive music instruction from our DOE supported music instructor.  Children in the upper grades have the opportunity to participate in the school-wide chorus provided by the award winning non-profit Young-People’s Chorus (YPC) of New York City. More information about YPC can be found here.

Ballroom Dancing:  5th graders learn ballroom dancing provided by the Dancing Classrooms, formerly American Ballet Theater.  This program is completly funded by the PTA.  Ballroom Dancing philosopy is that "dance is a tool for getting the children to break down social barriers, learn about honor and respect, treat others carefully, improve self-confidence, communicate and cooperate, and accept others even if they are different." More information can be found here.

Social Studies:  Grades 3 -5 participate in the Curriculum Arts Project (CAP) provided by Symphony Space.  Each grade focuses on a different program area such as Asian, Native American, and Latin American Studies.  CAP allows students to learn social studies through non-traditional interaction with the arts and artists in the classroom, at museums, and at Peter Norton Symphony Space.  More information can be found here.

Chess: Chess instruction from a Chess master is offered in the classroom from kindergarten through second grade.  Interested students may also elect to participate in the Early Bird and/or after school programs offered to all students. Twice-yearly Family Chess Nights are for the entire PS75 community.


The PTA also contributes funds that benefit the school in several other ways:

Kindergarten Aides: Aides provide crucial support for our kindergarteners and their teachers.

Early Bird Reading: This program encourages students to explore the wonderfully wide variety of books available and to develop a love of reading.  The program is held in the school library immediately before school from 7:30-8:20 AM .  Students read one-on-one with adult volunteers from the Jewish Community Center or together with peers or siblings.

Library Supplies: The PTA contributes to the purchase of books and other vital items.

PS75 Family Directory: The PTA collects contact information from all families and publishes a directory for the benefit of all.

Teacher Grants:

Front Garden: PTA grants and fundraising helped purchase the plants in the front garden on West End Ave.