School Leadership Team

Public schools are required to establish School Leadership Teams (SLTs), comprising the principal, UFT (United Federation of Teachers) chapter representative, PTA president(s), and an equal number of parents and teachers.  Our mission is to address and set policy on school issues that affect student achievement from all perspectives. Some of the issues we have addressed in the past include science, technology and social studies funding and curriculum, school security, afterschool programs, and school budget cuts.

SLT meets monthly, alternating between the first Friday morning (7:00-8:10am) and the first Thursday afternoon (3:00-4:30pm) of each month.  

SLT updates are presented at the monthly PTA meetings.

All parents are encouraged to get involved in SLT. Elections will be held for parent members.  Members of the PS75 community are welcome to attend meetings and are encouraged to talk to the elected representatives outside of meetings regarding your concerns and to make suggestions.

SLT meetings for 2016-17 School Year

September 29 3pm
October 21 7am
November 17 3pm
December 15 7am
January 12 3pm
February 9 7am
March 16 3pm
April 20 7am
May 18 3pm