Parent Volunteer Opportunitities

All inquiries regarding volunteer opportunites and related matters should be directed to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or stop by the PTA office.

Throughout the year, the PTA runs fundraisers and social events to build community in the school and to raise funds.   These funds provide for such “extra basics” such as:  books for our library, Early Bird Reading programs, chess programs, art and music, classroom aids and teacher support and after school enrichment programs. The PTA also provides services to the school community such as the PTA newsletter, school directory, Clean Up Day, prospective parent tours, and others. Unless parents get involved in and support these efforts, our school’s programs can’t exist. To help or inquire for further information, see the contact list, attached to the PS75 Directory, of all P.S. 75 parents who run these PTA activities. 

I LOVE 75 Campaign

This is purely a shout out for donations to our wonderful school!  Letters are sent home via mail and families are asked to make a donation to the school. We know that not all can give the same, but we ask that our entire community gives to help support the in-school art and enrichment progamming at PS75. Donations are tax deductible. Volunteers are needed to prepare the mailing and distribtute the mailing.

School Directory

The directory is an indispensable resource for families of P.S. 75.  This amazing book contains contact information by classroom for all students’ families and is prefaced by both a student index and a parent index where parent’s last name is different from child’s.  It also contains the school calendar, Administration and Staff Specialists, PTA Executive Board and Committee Chairs.  It is made possible by the sale of School Directory Ads which are presented in the Directory.  Volunteers help to collect, confirm, and verify information and parent release forms approving the inclusion of their info in the directory.

School Directory Ads

Volunteers are needed to solicit merchants and businesses for advertising space in the school directory.


This is our school’s presence among those in the on-line community. Volunteers are needed to assist in assuring that the information on the site is correct and current. This can be done by clicking through the links occasionally to see if there are pages that are missing or out-of-date. Everyone using the website is encouraged to take on this task from time to time. Any erroneous information should be reported to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or directly to Clyde Tressler. Anyone wishing to add something to the site, either as a permanent link or a temporary notice should do the same. Parents with knowledge of graphic design can help by creating and formatting graphics for special events.

Time-sensitive material should be submitted at least one week in advance of the date that it needs to be posted to the site, and earlier if possible. Reminders are welcome if your submission does not appear on the site when it needs to be there.

The Annual Auction

All of the fundraising events are important and are lots of fun. The biggest event and the one that provides more than half of the funds needed to run PTA school enrichment programs is the Auction. Where the Spring Fair (also a fantastic fund raiser!) is a big party for students and their families, the Auction is a party for the parents. An evening event, the Auction includes dinner, drinks, dancing, and items are put up for bid in both a silent and a live auction. In addition to the live auction, an on-line auction is held for the three weeks prior to the live auction and is run E-Bay style on the internet.

Class Projects

All class parents will be asked to coordinate a class project where students, parents and, if their time permits, teachers prepare an object to be sold at auction.  Previous items have been painted furniture, wall hangings, decorated pillows, and art work.  The art teacher usually assists with creative input but can’t devote the hours to the actual production of the items so this must be coordinated with teachers and overseen by class parents or other parent volunteers during class time.


Parents can help out by contributing their time and expertise needed to run the live and on-line auction events.  The Auction chairs can direct parents to an area of need best suited to their time constraints and abilities.

Merchant Solicitations

We need people to help approach merchants or vendors and ask them to donate items or services that people can purchase at the auction such as jewelry, clothing, gift certificates, toys, tickets to shows or sporting events.

Donations of Lessons or Services

If you or someone you know has a special skill, you can  make donations of knitting lessons, dog walking, personal shopping sessions, music lessons; whatever the area of expertise.

E-Mail Addresses

Parents can help by submitting viable e-mail addresses for the auction committee to forward on-line auction information.

Recruitment/Open House & Tours

This is an on-going endeavor that is most active in the fall when catchment and non-catchment families are interested in attending informational tours of P.S. 75.  P.S. 75 parent volunteers are trained to lead tours of the school and some parents make informational presentations about our school to area pre-schools.

Book Fair

This inspirational and fun fundraising event takes place in the first week of December but is organized throughout November and is sometimes coordinated with the Scholastic Book Company.  Volunteers are needed to sell the books and to direct and organize classes as they flow through the Library to participate in the sale during and after school hours. Book fair is typically in November.

Election Day Bake Sale

This event takes place on Election Day in November and is an opportunity to sell baked goods and show our school’s hospitality to the general public as they use our school’s facilities for voting purposes.  Volunteers are needed to make baked goods and to staff the table from approximately 7am to 7pm on that day.

Family Movie Night

On a monthly basis, a child appropriate movie is shown in the auditorium on a Friday night and families are invited to attend and enjoy.  As a fundraiser, a nominal fee is collected and snacks are sold.  Volunteers are needed to advertise, set up, run, and clean up events.

Harvest Dance

Usually held close to Halloween on a Friday evening, this is a wonderful and increasingly popular school event that is for the kids.  This once a year event is a dance/fundraiser where kids (and parents) come in costume, a nominal fee is collected and snacks are sold.  Volunteers are needed to organize, advertise, set up, run, and clean up at the event.

Picture Days

Students have a chance to have a school photo taken in the fall and spring for purchase.  A percentage of the proceeds are given to the school.  Volunteers are needed for each picture day to assist teachers and photographers in getting students ready for their photos during the school day.  The first picture day is typically in early October.

Spring Carnival

This is an annual spring tradition that is really a party for the children and their families.  Games, craft tables, rides, and a tag sale all raise money for the school and need volunteers to organize, set up, run, and clean up.  The carnival is typicall held in early June on a Saturday afternoon.

Talent Shows

This is an opportunity for the many talented children of our school to sing, dance, recite and make us laugh at a performance in early February.  Students must complete a registration form and be available for rehearsals prior to the performance date.  Parent volunteers are needed to supervise children during both rehearsals and performance as well as sell refreshments on night of show.  The talent shows are typically in January or February on a Friday evening.

Clean UP Day

This once a year event, usually on a Saturday in January, is when all families are invited to pitch in and get working to make our school shine, inside and out.  Classroom rugs are washed, instructional materials are cleaned and the school is made ready for the second half of the year!

PTA At A Glance

A bi monthly newsletter that is backpacked home and keeps our community up-to-date on school information.  The newletter editor would need to collect information from authors, and compile into a newsletter form.  Currently, there is no Newsletter.

Early Bird Reading

Early Bird Reading is our before-school program that brings children into the library and helps them develp a love of reading. It is staffed by volunteers from the JCC but aparent coordinator is needed to help get the program going in the fall and serve as a liason between the JCC volunteers and PS75 administration.  Volunteer needs to be able to be present during early bird hours at the program beginning and periodically throughout the year.

List Server emails

A primary way we communicate with our parents is with emails. All emails are sent by our list server administrator. This is a perfect position for someone who has time to volunteer but cannot be physically at the school.

Grant Writing

Grant writers help the PTA and school request funding from our government legislators, agencies, corporations, foundations, local businesses, and other grant giving institutions.  This is a perfect position for someone who has time to volunteer but cannot be physically at the school.

Gift Wrap Sale

Usually the first fundraiser of the year, packages are distributed to all children in backpacks in the second week of September and families are asked to sell gift wrap and gift items to friends and family.  There is also an on-line component to this fundraiser.   Delivery/pick up of items happens in November.  Volunteers are needed to distribute sales packages in September and assist with distribution of items to be picked up in November.

Chess at P.S. 75

Several evenings a year, the school is opened for families to come and play chess.  This is a very popular event as kids and their families get together to demonstrate what they have learned as part of our school’s chess curriculum.  As a fundraiser, a nominal fee is collected and snacks are sold.  Volunteers are needed to advertise, set up, run, and clean up events.

Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

A volunteer is needed to lead the effort to show our appreciation of our children's teachers. There are usually two: one in January and another in June.  They are held during the school day.

Box Tops

This is a quick and easy fundraiser in which every family can participate simply by clipping the “Box Tops for Education” label from a variety of General Mills products used at home. Then, clipped labels can be dropped in the Box Tops for Education collection box located in the front hallway opposite the front stairs on the first floor.  P.S. 75 gets 10 cents for every label.

Art Exhibition and Art Nights

Studio in the School and PS75 host a community art night, typically in January, and and exhibition opening in May/June that showcases our student's Art.  In addition we plan to have an exhibition of student work and gallery opening at the Morningside Branch of the New York Public Library in late February.  For both of these, parent volunteers are needed to setup and sell/serve refreshments, and assist the art teachers.