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  • Blackboard Awards 2008–PS75 principal Mr. Bob O’Brien was honored as New York's Principal of the Year by Manhattan Media's 2008 Blackboard Awards!

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Dual Language Program:  PS75 offers an English/Spanish immersion program for grades K-5. Children master both languages, regardless of the language spoken at home. In kindergarten, half the day is spent in each language. In upper grades, the language alternates by day. Lessons are fully presented and homework performed in the language of the day. PS75 has two dual-language classes per grade.

Computers and Technology:  All classrooms have Smart Boards. The school also has MacBook Air laptops and iPads available for classroom use. Internet-based learning tools, including iXL, Max Scholar, BrainPop, RazKids and Flocabulary are used in the classroom. Upper grade students may engage in computer research projects of their choice with guidance from the librarian. 

The Library: PS75’s well-stocked and professionally staffed library is the heart of our school. Students become acquainted with the library in Kindergarten through weekly visits. Middle grade students visit more frequently and upper grade students use the library stacks and Internet-ready computers for independent research. We have a full time librarian with an SLMS license. PS75 also offers an Early Bird Reading program starting at 7:30am.

Reader’s Theater: Every student participates weekly in Reader’s Theater, an integrated approach for involving students in reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities.

After School: Our Afterschool Program offers two options: Aftercare and Enrichment. Our flexible approach allows families to combine aftercare and enrichment classes to suit the scheduling needs and interests of their children. The Aftercare Program offers affordable full time childcare for working parents. The Enrichment Program provides PS75 students with exposure to recreational, academic, and intellectual experiences that will expand and enhance their elementary school education. The wide range of classes offered include fine arts, ceramics (on-site ceramics studio with kiln), dance, chess, music (piano, strings, brass, woodwinds, guitar), cooking, practical arts, small group tutoring, sports, and science. 

Parent Teacher Association (PTA): The PTA raises funds to provide a wide range of educational enrichment programs for our students across grade levels. The PTA puts on several community events such as fall Harvest Dance, Chess Night, Student Talent Show, and movie nights that are fun events where the whole community comes together. The PTA also runs picture day, a read-a-thon, and an annual auction gala that provides much of the PTA’s income. Funds raised support programs such as our Studio in a School Art program, kindergarten classroom aides, classroom chess instruction, Symphony Space social studies program, Young People’s Chorus, ballroom dancing, music field trips, classroom supplies, library books and much more. Without PTA funds these programs would not exist!




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To ensure that all students are ready for success, the Common Core State Standards establish clear, consistent guidelines for what every student should know and be able to do in math and English language arts (ELA). PS75 uses the Common Core State Standards for ELA and math. Our goal is to expose and develop the skills needed to help students gain the college and career readiness they will need in the future.

Literacy:   PS75 classes dedicate a minimum of 90 minutes every day to reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Early exposure to the writing process helps all our students to become authors, proud to publish their work. Balanced reading of both works of fiction and nonfiction support the Common Core Curriculum. Grades K-2 use Core Knowledge for ELA and Fundations as the phonics program. Grades 3-5 use Expeditionary Learning, a NY State based Social Studies Curriculum. All grades use the Teachers College Writing Program. The Dual Language program uses the Senderos Spanish reading curriculum. Boy’s Read for boys who need to boost their ELA skills and Reading Buddies support our reading program.

Math:  We use the Go Math curriculum. Our teachers work to develop critical-thinking and problem-solving skills for all students at an early age.

Social Studies:  Each grade explores a social studies theme, which is integrated into the literacy curriculum. Study of the neighborhood and city, for example, includes walking tours and interviews with local shopkeepers. Symphony Space provides a part of the social studies curriculum for grades 3-5 and includes attending performances at Symphony Space and in-school demonstrations by visiting artists. Immigration studies feature oral histories and other rich, hands-on activities.

Science:  Our curriculum is geared towards enabling children to ask scientific questions and PS75 expanded its inquiry-based, hands-on exploration of the life, physical and earth sciences. We have two science teachers in two dedicated science labs: one focused on grades K-2 and another for 3-5.

The Arts: Arts are a vital part of PS75 and are presented as an integral part of the students’ core curriculum. Our art and music teachers develop hands-on classroom projects and interactive programs with outside arts organizations and artists in residence that integrate the arts into the children’s social studies and literacy education. The art curriculum at PS75 allows art skills to be built on each year. Students study other artists’ techniques in order to make critical decisions on which techniques to incorporate into their own artwork.

All students receive music instruction weekly. Keyboards, strings and band instruction are available for all students after school. Children in the upper grades have the opportunity to participate in the chorus through a satellite program of the award-winning Young People’s Chorus of New York City.

Gym:  Our school has 2 full-time physical education teachers, a large gym and two separate outdoor playgrounds that offer safe, age-appropriate equipment and athletic activities to all our children. Classroom teachers have been trained in the “Move to Improve” program. This program recognizes that movement is good for the mind, and teachers are encouraged to give their children “movement breaks” throughout the day in the classroom.

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