Meals at PS75


Breakfast is served in classrooms immediately after arrival for all students free of charge. Breakfast usually consists of fruit, pastry, and milk.


For kindergarteners, lunch is served in the classroom.  All other grades are scheduled for lunch in the cafeteria on a rotating basis by grade. Typically, 20 minutes are allotted for lunch. Recess occurs prior to lunch.  PS75 is again participating in Wellness in the School (WITS) and the WITS lunch program follows the NYC K-8 alternative  lunch menu.  

Bringing Lunch from Home

Students have the option of bringing lunch from home. Soft lunch boxes are recommended. Glass containers, soda and candy are prohibited. Please label your children(s)' lunch boxes and all containers so that the items may be returned to you in case they are lost.

If Lunch is Forgotten

Please explain to your child that if their home lunch is forgotten, they will be given school lunch on that day.

Wellness in the Schools

PS75 is happy to continue in the Wellness in the Schools family for a second year. Wellness in the Schools ("WITS") inspires healthy eating and fitness as a way of life in public schools across the country with hands-on programs such as Cook for Kids, Coach for Kids, and Green for Kids. WITS will be implementing the Cook for Kids and Coach for Kids programs at PS 75.

Cook for Kids is a program that promotes healthy eating in cafeterias and classrooms. WITS invests in training culinary graduates who partner with existing cafeteria staff in preparing daily scratch-cooked meals and educating families about the importance of eating healthy food. Through the WITS labs, a series of seasonal cooking classes, WITS cooks teach children and their families how to cook healthy, delicious, and affordable recipes featuring whole, unprocessed foods.  

Coach for Kids is a program that brings trained coaches onto public school recess yards to encourage even the least active children to engage in fun and healthy physical activities. Coach for Kids actively combats schoolyard bullying by building positive social skills through play along with fostering a sense of excitement around fitness.

Funding for School Lunch Program

All families must complete and return a National School Food Programs form, which is distributed at the beginning of the school year. Important data is collected from the forms and is used to determine school funding. It is vital these forms be completed and returned.   PS 75 is required to have a National School Food Program form filled out for each family in our school. This form must be completed by every family even if you do not believe your family will qualify for free/reduced lunch.

Students who qualify for reduced-price lunch, however, will received it free of charge.  For students who do not qualify for reduced or free lunch, their families will be billed for the lunch costs.