Daily Schedule

School Hours

Friendly Reminder:

Kindergarten                                  8:10 to 2:20pm           

Grades 1 through 5                        8:10 to 2:30pm


Breakfast is served in the classroom at the start of the school day.

Early Bird Programs

Early Bird Reading and Chess are subject to registration.  Only registered students with passes will be allowed entrance for early bird.  Early bird begins at 7:30am and ends at 8:10am.  Students who arrive late for early bird three times will no longer be able to participate.

Entry Procedures

School officially begins at 8:10am. Entry procedures depend on grade level.

All kindergarteners and their parents/guardians gather in the cafeteria where they will be greeted by their teacher.  The entrance to the cafeteria is on 96th Street. 

Grades 1-2 enter on 95th Street auditorium entrance where they will be escorted to their classrooms by their teachers.

All grades 3-5 students enter on West End Avenue. 

For parents that need to drop off their children early, early drop off is permitted beginning at 7:50.   The early drop entrance is on 95th Street auditorium entrance. Children will wait in the auditorium until 8:10 AM.

The classroom doors will close promptly at 8:20am.  Any student not in class when the classroom door closes will be marked late. Students arriving after 8:20 should go directly to the auditorium.  At 8:50am they will be escorted to their classrooms.  This policy allows teachers to begin the school day on time with minimal loss of instructional time.


Kindergarten students have lunch in their classroom which includes a short recess in the small play yard. All other grades are scheduled for lunch in the cafeteria on a rotating basis by grade. If you child forgot his/her lunch, a school lunch will be provided. Not to worry, they will not go hungry.


Students have outdoor recess daily, prior to eating lunch.  Please ensure that children are dressed appropriately for the weather.  Exceptions to outdoor recess include (but are not limited to) rain and freezing weather.


Parents/guardians should have completed and returned the dismissal form sent home by the classroom teachers in the first week of school.  This form indicates who is authorized to pick up your child at dismissal.  K through 2 students must be picked up from school each day.  For children in 3 through 5, parents/guardians will assess whether your child(ren) are ready and responsible to return home from school on their own.  This form will also indicate if your child(ren) is attending an afterschool program.

Dismissal locations depend on grade and are at the following locations:

K-2 - Little Yard

3rd - West End Avenue Entrance

4th - 96th Street exit from cafeteria (closest to big yard)

5th - 95th Street East of Little Yard (closest to West End Avenue)


PS 75 After School Program

Students in the after school programs at PS 75 go directly to their designated meeting areas.  Younger children are escorted to the appropriate locations. Dismissal information will be given by the Afterschool office.