Student Conduct Code

PS 75 follows the NYC Department of Education Discipline Code, which is designed to create a safe and nurturing environment where students can grow and learn responsibility for their own actions.  All students are expected to respect the PS 75 Community Standards accepted by a committee of staff members, parents, and students.  They are as follows:


With your voice:

  • Be careful with other people’s feelings–Don’t tease or insult or threaten others; don’t call anyone an unkind name.
  • Tell the truth.
  • Use appropriate language–Don’t use bad words or gestures
  • Respect other people’s conversations–Don’t interrupt when people are working or learning.


With your body:

  • Be careful with other people’s bodies–Don’t hit, bite or fight.  Don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable.
  • Be careful with other people’s things–Don’t steal, break or damage anyone’s property.
  • Be careful with our school’s property–Don’t destroy things and don’t write on desks or walls.


With your mind:

  • Always ask the question:  “Would I like it if someone did that to me?
  • Be quiet in the hallways.
  • Work quietly in the classrooms so everyone can think!
  • Eat in the cafeteria!  No gum!


When you do not follow the community standards, you will be asked to try to solve the problem that you created.  You will have to:

  • Write a plan
  • Write a letter of apology
  • Lose privileges
  • Meet with an administrator or guidance counselor
  • Do community service
  • Be suspended
  • Your family will be contacted


**There is a Student Conduct Code Contract on the back of this handbook.  Students and their parent/guardian must sign the contract and return it to the classroom teacher.


What Should Be Left Home

  • Candy is limited to special occasions designated by the classroom teachers.  Please do not send children to school with candy in their lunch or backpacks for snack.  Chewing gum is not permitted in school
  • All electronic devices including but not limited to iPods, games and cell phones are not to be used in the school.  If they become a problem, they will be confiscated by classroom teachers and be returned to parents/guardians
  • Please do not allow children to bring toys to school without prior permission of the classroom teacher to avoid loss, damage, jealousy and stealing.  Teachers will keep any toys brought without permission in a safe place to return to parents or caregivers when they arrive to pick up the students.


Dangerous Items

Bringing a knife, matches, firecrackers or any other dangerous materials to school creates a danger to the student and others.  This will result in immediate suspension by the District Superintendent.


Care of School Books

All school books, whether they are from the classroom or library are to be treated with care.  The school will ask families to pay for the replacement of any books lost or