School Policies

Forms Required on File

  • Medical Records - Every child must have a completed Health form, filled out by the child’s doctor before he or she is registered at the school for the first time.  This is not an annual requirement
  • Emergency Notification Form - It is essential that the office has a correct blue card (contact list) with at least two working telephone numbers for every student at PS 75 in the event of illness, accident or other urgent need to reach parents or guardians.  Please make sure that your children’s forms are complete and up-to-date
  • Lunch Form - Every family needs to complete this form to be in compliance with State and DOE regulations.


Security in Our School

The staff of PS 75 makes every effort to keep the school as open and inviting as possible.  Our security guards maintain order and monitor who is coming and going, but it is only possible with the complete cooperation of all parents, guardians and students.  Please help them by following the rules for dropping off and picking up students.


Absences and Early Dismissal

Absences must be accompanied by an absence note upon return to school.  The Chancellor’s rules for promotion require that every child maintain at least 90% attendance for the school year.  Students who need to leave before the end of the school day must be signed out by a parent or guardian (over 18) who is listed on the blue card.  There is no early dismissal allowed after 2:15pm, except in the case of emergencies.


Illness and Emergencies during the school day

A school nurse is on staff and available to make immediate contact with families in case of illness or emergency during school hours.



Every Monday your child will bring home a red folder containing the homework for the week.  Homework is assigned to extend and reinforce what a child has learned in class and to help each child develop self-discipline, personal responsibility, and independent thinking.  In addition to written assignments, homework may include reading, interviewing, cutting out, collecting, studying, doing research, listening and observing.


We at PS 75 encourage parents to:

  • Provide a comfortable, quiet place for the children to work
  • Help the children with the assignment, but not do the assignment for them.


Family/Teacher Conferences

There are two regularly scheduled conferences per year in November and in March.  In addition, parents/guardians are invited to send a note to the teacher or call the school office to schedule a meeting with their child’s classroom teacher.


Report Cards

Teachers’ assessments of students’ progress are distributed in November, March and June.


NY City and NY State Tests

PS 75 participates in all NYC/NYS assessments in grades three, four and five.  In addition, the school conducts informal assessments in each grade to monitor student progress.


School Trips

A written permission slip is required by New York City Department of Education rules for any child going on a school trip.  It is not acceptable to call the school at the last minute if a form has been forgotten.  Children without permission slips will be assigned to another class for the day of the trip.


Fire Drills

By law, PS75 must hold 12 fire drills each year.  All children must be alert, quiet and cooperative to ensure everyone’s safety.  Please discuss this with your children.


Lost & Found

Items left behind are collected in one corner of the cafeteria.  The box is periodically emptied.  Please label all children’s clothing with their names.